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Jennifer Polidoro, Long Island NY said on Aug 26, 2011 3:08 AM

I was referred to you by a friend in October 2009, when I drove to Jersey alone in a rain storm one Saturday morning. I brought home "Sophie", who was 11 weeks old and surprised my 2 children with her. She has become my 3rd child!! We love her to death- she is the sweetest, happiest dog I have ever met!! I want to get her a "friend" but was told I should wait til she is 4 (she turned 2 Aug 5th. because she will help mellow out the puppy. What are your thoughts??

Wendy said on Aug 15, 2011 4:29 PM

Hi Jan, Abi turned 14 weeks on Saturday and she is just the most adorable and gorgeous little puppy! She has settled in well, has a great personality, has easily made friends with both dogs and owners and is the talk of the town! We could not have imagined life without her. Thanks Jan!

The Wilcox Family said on Aug 4, 2011 4:53 AM

Hi Jan!!! We got our adorable and loving cockapoo Mia about 2 months ago and still can't imagine life without her! She loves to snuggle up with my daughter, but also loves to play soccerw with my son. Cockapoos are a breed that are great with families and Mia has bonded with each member of our family. She got her first haircut from you today and is absolutely adorable looking! We love her so much and are so glad that we got her from you!

The Hartzell Family said on Jul 21, 2011 1:33 AM

Hi Jan, Our dog April is a little over two years old. She is the most friendly and happy dog I have ever seen. She makes friends with everyone in the neighborhood. We'd like to thank you so much. She is the best addition to our family that we could ask for. Here is a picture of her:

Alissa Landi said on Jul 9, 2011 9:10 AM

Hi Jan, I just had to post another message. Bailey is going on 2 years old this Fall and is absolutely the best dog ever. He is spoiled to death. Our dog sitter is so impressed by how smart he is...he even trains her other overnight guests on how to use the doggy door. He has brought so much joy to our home. Everyday we are so tempted to contact you about getting him a little bro or sis! Thanks so much for giving us such a well mannered, healthy, smart "son!"

The Higgins Family said on Jul 6, 2011 1:58 PM

Hi Jan, My 8 yr old daughter and I came to your house in April and she fell in love with 8 week old Chloe at first sight. We were referred to you by a friend of ours who also loves their cockapoo. Not knowing much about dogs, Chloe has made our transition into becoming dog owners very easy. She is the sweetest dog and very patient and playful with my 3 young children. She trained very easily and still loves to sleep in her crate which makes life with her very easy. She is very loved and a great addition to our family. I highly recommend you to people who ask where we got her from. Thanks Jan! Karen Higgins

Archer Family said on Jul 4, 2011 9:02 AM

Boots is 4 now, we love him so much, he's like our 3rd child. We are considering getting a companion for him and I wouldn't go anywhere else but to Jan's place.

Ed and Liz Johnson said on Jul 4, 2011 7:43 AM

We adopted Rufus from Janet 3 years ago. He's a wonderful, beautiful cockapoo and we love him so much!!! Thanks for giving us such a special member of our family!!!

Ellen and John said on Jul 1, 2011 11:14 AM

Jan- We've had Miles since March 12 and we are in love with him! He is the most social, happy and loving puppy we could have ever imagined joining our family. He puts a smile on our face and everyone we pass on the street.He truly is a special puppy. From the moment we saw him, he's been a bundle of energy and without a doubt is the bravest dog I've ever known! His best buddy is a 97 pound 1 year old Shephard who he chases around the yard. He even tried to play with my sisters horses! Recently our dog trainer has asked us where we got him and says she'd recommend this breed and in particular you! You do a wonderful job and we will be eternally grateful that our little Miles is part of the family. Thank you!!!

The Rivera Family said on Jun 27, 2011 8:58 AM

We adopted Maisie last April! She is a great dog. She's very king, loving, and such a well behaved dog. We love her so much, Jan! Thank you!

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