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Dog Boarding and      Grooming     

These services are only offered to my past puppies.......
Limited Space
Boarding-$40.00 a night-or 24 hour period. extra charge as a day rate of $25 day rate will apply for additional hours if  past 24 . Drop off and pick up can be arranged between hours of 8am and 7pm. 
Please bring your own food,if you do not bring food there will be an additional charge per day, .a toy and blanket.

 There will be group playtimes, inside and outside exercise throughout the day. All are crated through the night. Not responsible for anything left behind. please refrain from bringing extras.

Vaccinations,grooming and baths  must be up to date. Proof of Rabies vaccination is required. Your dog must be healthy and free of communicable illness,fleas,ticks and if at proper age spayed or neutered. I reserve the right to refuse any dog upon drop off if any of the above obligations are not met.

Doggy Day care  8am-4pm.  $25   includes playtime and snack. 

All Grooming customers are to be regular clients and have their cockapoos done every 6-8 weeks. 
$40 for up to 4 months,  $60-65   average grooming depending on size and condition of hair. $10 additional for knots.
Grooming  includes haircut, bath, blow dry,ears, nails and glands. Grooming is also available during the boarding stay.

 Occasional clipper irritation is normal-over the counter sulfadene skin medication for dogs  is reccomended.
 Ears are also sensitive after a grooming -wiping out of loosened ear wax may be neccesary the next day.
If Your Dog comes after the  8 week reccomended stretch between haircuts and it is unusually knotted- you will have to sign a release of liability in case it should get a nick or cut.  As a groomer-it is a liability to groom a dog in such terrible condition.
Cockapoos should be groomed every 6-8 weeks and brushed regularly.
 If  knotted they will need to be shaved down which is usually undesireable for you. { and me too!!!} 

 Not accepting new grooming clients ************

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