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Cockapoo Pups  $1400


When a litter is scheduled or born...... 

I will accept a $200.  check-mailed in  deposit with  an application.  This will put you on the list for that litter. A deposit is only accepted and assumed that you make a commitment to purchase.

When litter is born I will reach out to all with deposits in for preliminary selection.

 Once the pups are old enough  [normally 6-7 weeks]  I will  set up an appointment for a visit and final commitment.

  When you visit and choose your puppy then you leave a  600.00 nonrefundable cash  deposit .  your deposit check will be returned 

 I will hold your puppy until it reaches 8 weeks old, or sometimes a little older if need be. {my discretion] Balance due upon receipt of puppy 800.00. cash 

If pups are available and ready to leave ....

Call and schedule a visit to select a puppy. Please be on time  appointments are blocked out to give everyone a fair amount of time to select a puppy and have questions answered.   If not coming please have  the courtesy to call and cancel 24 hours in advance.  

If a puppy is old enough to leave....you may either take it home that day or leave a $300.00 nonrefundable cash  deposit.

  I will hold the puppy for an additional week -no charge, so you may shop for supplies, prepare your home for it's newest family member and schedule the Veterinarian appointment. Balance due-upon receipt of puppy of 1100.00 cash.

 All pups leave up to date vaccinations,Veterinarian health certification and de wormed.  

  A few tips before purchasing  

I believe you should try to rescue before purchasing if you are able to.....

Strongly believe in  Dog Insurance  

Haircuts are needed regularly every 6 to 8 weeks 

Selection is made on a first come basis
I reserve the right to turn any customer away if I feel it is not the right home for my pup

 All deposits are in cash and  non refundable once puppy is chosen.  

Once a puppy leaves the premises there is no refund unless covered under the NJPPP Act [puppy lemon law]   do not cover buyers remorse

First time owners /or if you have not raised a pup in a while ....should hire a trainer for a consultation and possible follow up visits

You are responsible for training and caring for your puppy be sure you have the time and patience 

Not everyone should own a dog

Puppies are rough in the early stages therefore children should be 6 or older

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